Welcome to the Wealhouse you Heightist Bastards!

Weal or Woe is a weekly podcast brought to you as the world’s first actual play, NSFW, Pathfinder Second Edition Playtest homebrew campaign played around a real ass table of drunken fools who happen to be friends. Join our favorite Game Master, The Blind Rat, and his crew of misfits played by James, Laura, and Woody for a joint story-telling adventure alternating between shitty dice rolls and shameless gloating.

The Campaign
Mona Tandon, an elven paladin, Sabux Chamuco, a gnome sorcerer, and Anisette Raveed, a goblin alchemist, live in Melach, the City of Sails. As the largest of the free cities, Melach provides a rich world for our “heroes” to play. It is an adventure full of political intrigue, ancient secrets, and budding romance. An adult romp ripe with language, violence and sex magic, we’re not for the faint of heart, but we’ll make it worth your while.