Suns of the Fathers

Suns of the Fathers is an extensively written and performed SciFi, Horror, Call of Cthulhu game.
Paul Parnell will be the GM with an expansive cast of players.
The show aims to be dark and gritty, focussing on character development and horror.

Paul And Wade’s Totally Radical Journey

Paul And Wade’s Totally Radical Journey is a podcast focussed on the celebration of creators and creativity. With jokes, puns, and a lively attitude, Paul and Wade will be interviewing creators from all over.

Spaghetti Cannon Theory

Paul and Julie discuss alternative science. No, not in the way you expect. They’re simply going to make up how the world works. With one of hosts having their Masters in genetics (Pro-tip, it’s not Paul), there is sure to be a lot of facepalming and long sighs.

Nonchalant History With Paul Parnell


Nonchalant History With Paul Parnell is a solo podcast currently being recorded.
Paul hopes to cover the history of wars and conflicts throughout history in a nonchalant manner, allowing a fun and accessible listening experience for those who want to learn but don’t want to commit to a history degree.