About US

Established in March 2019, and created by Paul Parnell, the Necropodicon Network is a podcast network comprising of shows from around the world.
The network’s main goal is to create a family of likeminded shows covering many different genres. From TTRPG podcasts, to movie review, to history and true crime.

Our podcasts are hand-picked to ensure a consistent quality and allow you to escape from the real world. By strictly curating our network we hope to create a stress-free and inclusive experience for podcast lovers everywhere. Just plug in and listen to something funny or interesting! Leave your politics at the door and settle in for some fun. Everyone is welcome!

The network is always looking for new shows to join the Necropodicon family. If you would like to enquire about joining, email Necropodiconnetwork@gmail.com. Drop in a link to your social media and content.